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FM Transmitter & Charger for iPod &
iPod mini

FM Transmitter & Charger for iPod & iPod mini

The RoadTrip is a great FM transmitter and car charger for the iPod in the car, but what makes RoadTrip truly unique is its removable transmitter module that can also broadcast music from a Mac or PC. The package includes a combination USB power and audio connector cable that attaches any USB equipped computer to the module. Users can then play their iTunes music, movie audio or presentation sound to any FM stereo close by.

GarageBand Guitar Cable
Connect your Guitar directly to GarageBand


Connect your Guitar directly to GarageBand

The Griffin GarageBand Guitar Cable makes using a guitar with GarageBand a snap. GarageBand already includes amazing effects and amps built in that can make any electric guitar sound like almost anything. The problem is that electric guitars use 1/4" size instrument cables, and the Mac input is 1/8" mini-jack headphone. The GarageBand Guitar Cable uses both connection types and splits the mono guitar signal into the stereo mini-jack - all in one beautiful, sturdy, 10 foot cable.

GarageBand Microphone Cable
Connect your Mic directly to GarageBand


GarageBand Microphone Cable

XLR microphones have previously required a combination of awkward adapters and cables that can also cause potential audio problems. The release of the new GarageBand Microphone Cable, with its XLR connector at one end and stereo mini jack at the other, makes a clean and simple recording setup for GarageBand.

The GarageBand Microphone Cable also works great with the Griffin iTalk iPod Recording module. The Griffin iTalk turns any compatible iPod into a convenient voice recorder. Now even low impedance professional XLR microphones can connect directly into the Griffin iTalk.

Significantly increase the bass output, volume level and comfort of your iPod earbuds.



The white iPod earbuds have become the symbol of the iPod revolution. They tell the world that you possess the coolest MP3 player in the world. Griffin's EarJams let you keep on using your iPod's earbuds while giving you the quality that comes from in-ear style headphones. You won't believe how good your eabuds can sound until you try EarJams.

EarJams easily snap onto your Apple earbuds. Each set of EarJams comes with three sizes of earpads to give you a snug and comfortable fit. In fact with the Earjams sitting comfortably in your ear, you hear more of your music and less outside noise than you ever did with your earbuds alone.

Cradle for all iPods and iPod mini that fits in your car's cup holder.



Enter the PodPod. The PodPod holds your iPod or iPod mini at an easy-to-see angle. The material won't scratch the iPod's surface, and while we haven't rolled any cars, we know that your iPod isn't likely to fall out. The PodPod also leaves room on the inside for a docking cable, and provides a place for the cable to run without disturbing your iPod's new found peace.

Tuentable Connection Cable
4' RCA to stereo mini-jack adapter cable
with grounding for turntables

4' RCA to stereo mini-jack adapter cable
with grounding for turntables

The Turntable Connection Cable is a must have for anyone who is hooking up a turntable and recording their old record collections with Final Vinyl and our iMic or PowerWave. The cable serves as the connection from the two RCA jacks on your turntable to our stereo mini-jack input, and also provides a connection for your turntable's grounding wire.

APS Extension Cable
6' Extention Cable for Apple Pro Speakers

6' Extention Cable for Apple Pro Speakers

The Griffin APS Extension cable adds a whopping 6 feet to the Apple's short 36 inch cable. The added length is more than enough to place your Mac underneath the desk while your speakers rest on top. Now you don't have to place your computer next to you just to connect your Apple Pro Speakers.

iTrip mini
FM Transmitter for the iPod mini

FM Transmitter for the iPod mini

If you have an iPod mini you need an iTrip mini. The iTrip mini FM transmitter lets you play your iPod mini’s music wirelessly through any FM radio — in your car, on the road, even at home through your stereo.

iPod Voice Recorder

iPod Voice Recorder

With iTalk you can record seminars, meetings, classes, notes in your car, songs, whatever you want - up to 100 feet away. Its built in microphone was designed to record crystal clear audio and iTalk's Automatic Gain Control assures you have the best possible signal level recorded. You can even connect an external microphone directly to iTalk for even more recording options.

FM Transmitter for iPod

FM Transmitter for iPod

You are looking at the coolest iPod accessory in the world. The iTrip FM transmitter for the iPod can play your music through any FM radio in your car, at a party, wherever the mood strikes you - and you have a radio.

PowerPod Auto Adapter

12V Power Charger for the iPod

-Charge your iPod from any cigarette
lighter or 12V port in your car, truck or boat.

-Keep iPod fully charged while traveling.
-Internal fuse protects yours iPod from
harmful electrical surges.
-LED status indicator shows power.
-Designed specifically for iPod

USB-Audio Hub

ProSpeaker Breakout Cable

Griffin Technology proudly introduces the
ProSpeaker Breakout Cable. This cable allows
your Mac to connect any set of home stereo
speakers to a Digital Audio PowerMac G4 or
new iMac. Your Mac powers the speakers and
no additional external amplifier is necessary.
Now you can listen to iTunes or movie
soundtracks through real audiophile quality
peakers like Infinity, Boston Acoustics, B&W,
JBL, etc. - and not only through the typical
plastic “computer” speakers.

ClearChoice Audio Cable
HK$100 - Female
HK$150 - Male

ClearChoice iPod Connection Kit

The ClearChoice iPod Connection Kit is the
missing link between your iPod and home stereo.
With these two cables, your iPod can plug into
any available line level input of your stereo
receiver or even portable powered speakers.


ADB to USB Adapter

-One iMate can support multiple devices
-Compatible with these ADB devices :
keyboards, mouses, trackballs, dongles,
Bar Code Readers, etc.
-Built-in Activity LED
iMate Driver 2.6.1 for OS 9
iMate Driver 1.2 for OS X


USB Audio Interface

-One Stereo Line output
-One Stereo Line/Mono Mic input
-Supports bus-powered operation
iMic Control 1.3

Lapel Mic

Multipurpose Stereo Microphone

Lapel Mic offers the highest quality stereo or mono audio input for recording interviews, lectures and other events. Griffin Lapel Mic features quality stereo sound, a standard 3.5mm stereo mini-jack, and a swivel clip for ease of use.


iPod Auto Charger

The PowerJolt auto adapter allows you to take your iPod on the road and listen to great music while keeping your iPod fully charged. The PowerJolt charges your iPod whether it's playing music or in standby mode, ensuring that you'll arrive at your destination with a fully charged iPod.

The PowerJolt comes with a charger module and a separate 4 foot, high quality Dock Connector to USB Cable.

Designed specifically for the iPod, the PowerJolt is not only great looking but it's an incredible value at $24.99. The PowerJolt is the ultimate accessory for the iPod toting road warrior.



Speaker System for iPod shuffle

Plug your shuffle into the docking connector between TuneBox's twin speakers for instant gratification. TuneBox charges your shuffle's battery while it's playing.

TuneBox's micro drivers and efficient amplified speakers generate a powerful, dynamic sound, with unexpected clarity and great highs and lows.

TuneBox keeps the shuffle's clickwheel controls up front within easy reach. Though it's designed to visually complement the iPod shuffle, TuneBox delivers great sound from any Mp3 player or other audio device that uses the standard 3.5mm stereo jack.

With a space investment of less than 4 square inches, TuneBox delivers impressive sound and functionality.